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Grows most vegetables throughout the year.
Dutch KCB quality standard maintained.
Certified Global
G.A.P Producer.

Namdhari Farm BRC 2011.

Grapes Certificate.

Global GAP certificate.
Certifications & Uninterrupted Cold Chain

A certification from Dutch accredited certifying agency SKAL, which certifies the quality of vegetables, with a symbol EKO which is recognised in most of EEC and North America. It has become India's first vegetables growing and exporting firm, which has received GLOBAL-GAP Certificate. The pack house is under implementation of BRC and HACCP, however all the norms, essential for the same are practiced. Ethical trading is our corporate philosophy and implementation of SA 8000 is part of our commitment.

To ensure the freshness of the vegetables till it reaches the consumer, the company is having a continuous cold chain network right from the produce is harvested. The harvested vegetables are transported in refrigerated trucks, which also helps in the removal of field heat. From the refrigerated trucks, the vegetables are transferred to the pre-cooling room.

Then the vegetables are transferred to the grading hall, which is also air conditioned and packed under cool climate. The packed vegetables are stored in the cold rooms before being air lifted to the destinations and during the transit in the air also, the product is stored in reduced temperature. Thus the uninterrupted cold chain network makes Namdhari's Fresh to deliver the quality vegetables with optimum freshness. The good number of Flights per week to Europe guaranties a regular supply of produce.

Traceability- Customer safety is our prime concern. Therefore, minimum use of chemical pesticides is the core of our Quality Policy. For crop protection we rely on the bio agents, and other Integrated Pest Management practices rather than the conventional indiscriminate use of pesticides. The chemicals permitted as per European norms are used and properly recorded. The produces grown by us could be traced back to its place of origin.

Namdhari's Fresh grows most vegetables throughout the year. Using the knowledge acquired in our seed company. Produce is grown on Namdhari's Fresh, own field farms and in our green houses (5 ha.). For outsourcing Namdhari has more than 2000 growers available. To ensure quality an effective extension team monitors the farms and the growers. Namdhari follows the EC prohibition list for chemicals strictly. It is mandatory for growers to keep records of substances used and the team follows this up in order to ensure a safe product, which can be traced back to its source.

Quality Assurance

The quality control systems are such that the products are checked and rechecked right from the field, grading and packing and during shipment, which makes it possible to meet the high quality standards of Europe and other developed nations. If required , Dutch KCB quality standard will be applied and will be possible for us to deliver the quality produce on a daily basis. Namdhari also performs shelf life test of the produce under different temperature conditions, whose results will be used to improve the shelf life of the produce. The packing section is being geared upto a hygienic handling so that the consumers receive a clean, hygienic product. The upgradation of the present Bangalore Air Port, to International Air Port, makes it possible to deliver the quality produce regularly.